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Technical Innovation Center (TIC) incubates tech startups as they grow into sustainable businesses. These emerging companies create new jobs, strengthen the local economy, revitalize neighborhoods, and enhancing the quality of life for the entire community. 

Since its launch in 1994, the TIC has seen over 70 companies come through its doors as startups and graduate into the business world. Emerging technology companies receive many benefits at the TIC, from basic business services, access to equipment and technology, coaching and mentoring, fundraising support, and marketing and public relations leverage. Many educational activities are occurring at the TIC on a regular basis. From seminars to breakfast roundtables, workshops and networking events, there are amble opportunities to learn from experts such as TEDCO, Saul Ewing, SCORE and other local experts. Clients enjoy pro-bono sessions with attorneys, angel investors and strategic consultants.

Available Spaces at TIC

  • Office Space 
    • Coworking space 
    • Half suites
    • Full suites
    • Combine suites with interior door between offices
  • Lab Space
    • 11 total labs in the Lab Section at the TIC
    • Several have fume hoods, biosaftey cabinets, and/or other equipment.
    • Lab clients have access to Common Lab with:
      • -80C Freezer
      • Centrifuge
      • Water Purifier
      • Fume Hood
      • Biosafety cabinets
      • CO2 incubator
      • And more!
  • Conference Room Space
    • The TIC has two conference rooms, rooms 208 and room 323 and one small conference room in the back of suite 319. 
  • Manufacturing Floor
    • Sections of 250, 500, or more available for lease for R&D/Prototyping or assembling purposes.

Contact TIC Management at or call 240-500-2399 to schedule your tour today.