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Portfolio Companies

HCH 310
Suite 320
Suite 310
Hub City Hive
Suite 209
Suite 313-314
Hub City Hive
Suite 309
Suite 221 & Room 112, Lab D
Suite 213
Suite 320
Room 111, Lab C
317 & Lab G
Suite 321


In my opinion, TIC has assisted its clients with following activities:

  • Business consulting and group meetings
  • Coordinating clients for collaborations
  • Maintaining a common lab functional
  • Replacing all the damaged equipment in the common lab to reduce clients' financial burden
  • Helping clients networking
  • Creating a friendly working environment
Dr. Fusheng Guo
Protein RST

Being a member of the TIC is the best thing you can do for you and your business. If you are serious about your business, and want to take it to the next level JOIN NOW!!! There are many resources for your business in one central location. Janice Riley, the Manager of the TIC, is very passionate about what she does, and is supportive of the members of the TIC. She received the Governor's Citation in recognition of the TIC’s ongoing support to grow tech startups from the innovation idea to a sustainable company. She is very active in the community and knows a lot of people and organizations in a variety of industries. Her experience allows her to make business connections for TIC members both locally and state-wide. Members of the TIC also have access to a Strategic Analyst. The first time I met with him, he encouraged me to increase my fees. After our meeting, I felt more confident in doing so. I was able to doubled my rate with no backlash. He has a broad range of experience and comes up with ideas that I can apply to my field.

Michelle Umlauf
Sewing Machine Artistry

The TIC was a perfect option for our upstart business because they provided affordable office space in a great location at the HCC campus that fit into our tight budget. Plus, it is helpful having their guidance, experience, and knowledge available to us as we navigate the complicated process for starting a new business. And, the unexpected benefit we found valuable are the networking opportunities and events where we can meet other businesses, city officials, and partners.

Roy Hill
Aero Tech Urban Farm

As a TIC tenant in the process of building a contract research laboratory, our work at TIC is enjoyable and stress free. Laboratory instruments are up-to-date maintained, repairs are done promptly and equipment are set to meet our research needs. Not only TIC create an environment for research and development but connects tenant to each other and to HCC faculties and outside partners as well. The result is that I have an ongoing scientific collaboration on a promising project with another TIC tenant in the same floor. Also the internship program helps me to contribute to HCC educational efforts by sharing and growing my expertise and resources while mentoring and caring out experiments on our projects.

Mohamed Ait Ichou